No Action Jackson


Help Jackson make it to his roleplay on time


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No Action Jackson is a traditional point-and-click adventure game in which players control Jackson, a nerdy teenager whose sole objective is to arrive on time for an RPG game with his friends.

Our quirky hero’s problems begin when his mother tells him to go to the living room to see his visiting grandfather. So the first mission is to get away without going through the main door. How? By using your ingenuity, of course, as you would expect from the genre.

Once you get out of the house by using some objects you find (a wooden sword, sheets, etc.), you wonder peacefully through the city and see many of its landmarks. You can go to the comic store or the gym among other places.

In each of the places you visit, you can collect objects, investigate everything around you, and talk to other characters. Some of these conversations will actually be totally necessary to further advance the adventure.

No Action Jackson is an outstanding adventure game, which a few years ago, could have been sold in stores. It is an excellent tribute to the Lucas Arts adventures of the nineties.
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